Our Stock Bulls

Current Stock Bulls

Angus 2nd of Sorne

Born: 25/03/2019

Sire:Angus 2nd of Earn

Dam: Eve 6th of Sorne 

Past Stock Bulls

Balach Dubh of Craigowmill

Born: 30/1/2015

Sire: Panther 2nd Von Aignerhof

Dam: Diorbhail Dubh 2nd of Knockendon

Campbell of Tillbouries

Born: 26/04/2014

Sire: Campbell of Tordarroch

Dam: Ciara Dubh of Lismore

Dochie of Gartocharn

Born: 13/4/2015

Brogach of Balmoral

Lily Morag of Ubhaidh

Whitelaw of Killochries

Born: 6/3/2005

Sire: Maccuish of Clach Na Gruagach

Dam: Malta 4th of Killochries.