IMG_0749The Cladich Fold features in volume 1 of the Highland cattle Society Herd Book of 1885. Our first prize-winner was Domhnull Ruadh of Cladich, which calved in 1878 and took the silver medal at Inveraray in 1882, making us proud prize-winners since 1882!

While such longevity has a certain cachet, we want to be judged on our performance today.  We are working hard to breed cattle with west highland characteristics and our aim is to produce beasts which are deep-set, straight backed and with a good gait. We hope for strong heads and in the the females, a ‘sweet’ face. Our emphasis is on quality, not quantity!

In recent years we have introduced  new bloodlines into the fold and our bulls are descended from a string of good, well established bloodlines including Leys, Shenavaille, Douneside, Dunvegan and last but not least, the great Joseph of Cladich. 



IMG_0974Cladich, on the south side  of Loch Awe, ranges from loch-side herbage, 'in-bye' pasture, native woodlands and rises to rough hill grazing, where the cattle have to co-exist with sheep and deer and eagles.

The Cladich woods provide the cattle with shelter and good grazing, although in winter we hand feed with small-bale hay and cow rolls.

Our aim is to be able to approach and groom all the cattle in the field and while some retain a natural shyness, most enjoy the experience!

Bulls have been exported to Australia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Luxembourg and females to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Finland and Switzerland. Cattle are sold privately and in Oban in February and October.

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